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IPI activity in sub-Saharan Africa/Eastern Africa

Coordination: sub-Saharan Africa/Eastern Africa

Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia <p>
	is ICL's senior agronomist based in Nairobi</p>
, ICL senior agronomist, NairobiIPI Coordinator: Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia

Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia is the IPI coordinator for IPI activities in Eastern Africa. As ICL’s senior agronomist based in Nairobi, she is responsible for promoting potash market development in Eastern Africa and providing support for specialty fertilizers. After many years abroad for her studies, including an MSc in plant pathology and entomology from Hanover University and a PhD in in environmental soil science from University of Tennessee, Dr. Mbuthia returned to Kenya. Her MSc focused on the combination of biocontrol organisms in the control of soil-borne pathogens, specifically the combination of mycorrhiza and Trichoderma harzianum in the control of Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici) in tomatoes. Dr. Mbuthia’s PhD focused on the dynamics of microbial community and nutrient cycling under different conservation agriculture practices (no-till, cover crops and fertilizations regimes) using both biochemical and molecular techniques.

Dr. Mbuthia’s expertise will be invaluable in the coordination of IPI’s projects and extension programs in Eastern Africa.

Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia

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