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IPI Events: e-ifc No. 24, September 2010

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November 2010

International symposium on "Soil Management and Potash Fertilizer Uses in West Asia and North Africa Region", Antalya, Turkey, 22-25 November 2010.

See the 2nd circular on the IPI website.

The International Potash Institute (IPI), in collaboration with Ege University organizes an international symposium in Antalya entitled "Soil Management and Potash Fertilizer Uses in West Asia and North Africa Region". The WANA region is known for its exports of agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, which provide important incomes. However, a large part of the production is used to feed the population, which is increasing in a huge way. Balanced fertilization and particularly the use of potash is generally not well known.

During the symposium, issues including soil fertility, quality of mineral fertilizers, efficient use of fertilizers, fertigation and foliar application will be discussed. This event will be of interest to soil and plant nutrition scientists, agronomists, and extension officers from universities and research organizations, government offices, agribusinesses and farmers who share an interest in improving food production and quality in the region. The organizers anticipate participation from across the region. Invited speakers will include scientists from the WANA region and from Europe. The symposium will be announced at all universities in Turkey. Poster presentations are open to all, and students in the region are particularly encouraged to participate and present research related to the themes of the symposium.

For more details see IPI website or contact IPI Coordinator Mr. M. Marchand.