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Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture and Environment, special edition.

Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture and Environment, special edition.

Proceedings of the IPI-BRRI-BFA International Workshop on 'Balanced Fertilization for Increasing and Sustaining Crop Productivity', 30 March - 1 April 2008, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 190 p., Edited by M.S. Islam. ISSN 1816-0808. Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA).

The international symposium was jointly organized by the International Potash Institute (IPI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and the Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA).

The proceedings contain 13 papers covering issues of soil fertility, fertilization with potassium in rice-rice and rice-wheat cropping systems, site specific nutrient management (SSNM), integrated nutrient management, fertilizer recommendation and policies and in Bangladesh. Papers from India cover balanced fertilization in the horticultural sector and fertilizer related policies.

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