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Picture Features

The picture feature section contains features based on photographs taken during recent trips by the International Potash Institute.

IPI flickr photostream sets

IPI experiment in Luis Eduardo Magalhães, West Bahia, Brazil

Maize fertigation in China

Ethiopia: cereals (teff, barely, wheat) respond to K application, field visit October 2013

Ukraine field day, June 2013

Ginger crop in Bangladesh: IPI-SRC-BFA project

Banana and Potato projects in Bihar, India

International Symposium on use of Potassium in Pakistan

Cassava in East Java, Indonesia, 9-2012

K Gallery: Effect of Potassium on Crops

Review and Refinement of Fertilizer K Recommendations in Vertisols in India

Field Visit in Ethiopia, February 2012

Maize project in Mozambique, February 2012

Sri Lanka Symposium October 2011 on "Role of Potassium in Sustaining the Yield and its Quality"

Field trip in the Cerrado, W. Bahia, Brazil

SSNM in rice in the Philippines

Cassava Crop in Malang, Indonesia

Maize Intensification in Mozambique (MIM) Project; visit 2008

The Effect of Potassium on the Yield and Quality of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) in Tamil Nadu, India

Sustainable Management of Soil and Fertilizer Potassium as a Prerequisite to High Efficient Fertilizer Nitrogen Use. Czech Republic, September 2010

Turmeric in Bangladesh

Potash Application to Ginger Crop in Bangladesh

China July 2010: Visiting Maize and Rice Field Experiments

IPI ASCS Symposium San Salvador (El Salvador, March 2010)

Effect of Potash Fertilization on Pulses (Kanpur, India 2009)

Effect of Potassium on Yield and Quality of Onion


Other picture features

International Symposium on Balanced Fertilization for Sustaining Crop Productivity
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India, 22-25 November 2006

Regional workshop on Potassium and Fertigation Development in the WANA Region
Morocco, November 2004

Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug visits the joint IPI-PPI/PPIC Mission in Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 2004

Brazil, the coffee country
Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 2004

Brazil the soybean country
Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 2004




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