IPI International Potash Institute
IPI International Potash Institute

Impressum: e-ifc No. 15, March 2008

Impressum e-ifc

ISSN 1662-2499 (Online); ISSN 1662-6656 (Print)

International Potash Institute (IPI)
Ernest A. Kirkby, UK; Susanna Thorp, WRENmedia, UK; Patrick Harvey, Green-Shoots, UK; Hillel Magen, IPI
Chief editor Chinese edition
Youguo Tian, NATESC, Beijing, China
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Martha Vacano, IPI
International Potash Institute
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IPI member companies:
ICL Fertilizers; JSC Belaruskali; JSC Uralkali; K+S KALI GmbH; Tessenderlo Chemie; JSC Belarusian Potash Company (BPC); and JSC International Potash Company (IPC) .

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