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No. 16: Oilseed Rape

No. 16: Oilseed Rape

130 p., K. Orlovius
IPI Bulletins: Fertilizing for High Yield
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IPI-Bulletin No. 16 Fertilizing for High Yield and Quality.

Oilseed rape by K. Orlovius.

Oilseed rape is an important commodity on the international oilseed market ranking 2nd in production behind soybean. The major producers are China, the European Union, India and Canada.

Oilseed rape is a multifunctional crop. Domestically rape oil can be used for cooking, for frying or in salad dressings. Its large content of unsaturated fatty acids gives it a high dietary value. Rape oil can also be used for industrial purposes as biodiesel, for lubrication and as a hydraulic oil. With a theoretically closed CO2 cycle, biodiesel from oilseed rape qualifies as an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy. Rape oil can also be used as a raw material for the production of various chemicals including soaps, paints, varnishes. And last but not least, after extracting the oil the residual rape meal is an important source of protein for animal feeding.

The nutrient requirement and uptake of oilseed rape is substantial and in a good crop may be more than 250 kg/ha N, more than 100 kg/ha P2O5 and almost 500 kg/ha K2O. Such large nutrient requirements demand a good level of soil fertility and judicious nutrient inputs.

The IPI Bulletin No. 16 on oilseed rape is a very comprehensive and highly informative brochure for extension workers, students and scientists. The botany of rapeseed is discussed together with the use of oilseed rape and the role of plant nutrients in yield and quality management. The main part of the Bulletin is devoted to the effect of fertilizer use on yield and quality. Bulletin No. 16 has 130 pages and besides the text includes 68 figures, 31 tables and 7 coloured plates together with more than 200 references.



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