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Potassium dynamics in the soil

Potassium dynamics in the soil

Translated to Arabic by Prof. M. Rusan. Printed jointly with the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA), Cairo, Egypt.
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Soil analysis is an important tool when evaluating soil nutrient status. The results of soil tests are frequently taken as a basis for fertilizer recommendations. This is justified in such cases where a correlation exists between soil test results and crop response to fertilizer application. As a rule, the effect of a fertilizer nutrient should be lower, the higher its content in the soil.

As to potassium, however, many cases are known in which no correlation has been found between soil test data and yield response to potash application. In hundreds of trials with rice in India good responses to applied potash were observed on soils testing high in "available" or exchangeable K, but sometimes low or no effects of potash on soils with poor K status.

In extreme cases, even negative correlations may exist between exchangeable K and yield, while the correlation between the K concentration of the soil solution and the yield is positive and highly significant.

The scientific background of these phenomena and practical consequences for soil test interpretation and fertilizer application are the subject of this set of 15 slides on potassium dynamics in the soil. You can view the English set of slides using the above link.

This booklet (in Arabic) describes the slide set.

Copies available at IPI Head Office and at AFA, Cairo

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