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Effects of High Potassium and Low Temperature on the Growth and Magnesium Nutrition of Different Tomato Cultivars
Huixia Li, Zhujun Chen, Ting Zhou, Yan Liu, Sajjad Raza, and Jianbin Zhou
Published in:
HortScience 53(5):710-714 (2018), English


The interaction between potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg) in plants has been intensively studied. However, the responses of different tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivars to high K levels at low temperatures remained unclear. Herein, a complete randomized hydroponic experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of temperature (25°C day/18°C night vs. 15°C day/8°C night) and K concentrations (156 mg·L−1 vs. 468 mg·L−1) on the growth and Mg nutrition of tomato cultivars Gailiangmaofen (MF) and Jinpeng No. 1 (JP). Compared with the control temperature (25°C day/18°C night), the low temperature decreased total biomass, shoot biomass, and Mg uptake in shoot by 17.3%, 24.1%, and 11.8%, respectively; however, the root/shoot ratio was increased. High K had no significant effect on plant growth or biomass compared with the control K concentration (156 mg·L−1); however, Mg concentrations and uptake in shoot were significantly lower under high-K treatment. Significant difference was observed for K uptake, but not for Mg uptake, between the two cultivars. There was no significant interaction between temperature and high K on Mg uptake of tomato, so a combined stress of low temperature and high K further inhibited Mg uptake and transport. Low temperature and high K increased the risk of Mg deficiency in tomato.

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