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Effect of Potassium Chloride-Induced Stress on Germination Potential of Artemisia annua L. Varieties
Prasad, P., J. Mehdi, R. Mohan, N. Goyal, S. Luqman, P. Khare, and B. Kumar
Published in:
Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 9:110-116 (2018), English


Artemisia annua L. is a well-known antimalarial plant cultivated across the globe. In this study we are reporting the effect of potassium chloride-induced stress on germination potential of two A. annua varieties (‘CIM-Arogya’ and ‘Jeevan Raksha’) under in vitro conditions. The percentage of germination, seedling vigour index I & II, enzymatic and non-enzymatic, biochemical changes were observed by varying the salt concentration in the range of 0 mM (control) to 200 mM at 15 °C coupled with 16 h light and 8 h dark photoperiod. The results revealed a non-significant decrease in the germination percentage and significant decrease in seedling vigor index while proline and lipid peroxidation increased with a rise in the potassium chloride concentration irrespective to varieties. Comparatively, ‘CIM-Arogya’ variety showed higher germination percentage, seedling vigor index, carbohydrate, protein, catalase, proline and lipid peroxidation except total phenolic content which was superior in ‘Jeevan Raksha’ at 150 mM KCl. Furthermore, ‘CIM-Arogya’ showed a better adaptation and tolerance potential (up to 150 mM) to potassium chloride-induced stress than ‘Jeevan Raksha’ (up to 100 mM).

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