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Impact of Low Potassium Fertilization on Potassium Transformation under Different Crop Management Systems in Western Plain of Arid India
Sunil Kumar, I.J. Gulati, S.R. Yadav, R.S. Yadav, P.C. Moharana, R.L. Meena, B.L. Tailor, and R.S. Singh
Published in:
Journal of Plant Nutrition 41(4):411-424 (2018), English


Acquaintance of potassium (K) transformation in soil is crucial for K management in management system of arid India. Present study revealed that the extractable K like ammonium acetate-potassium (NH4OAc-K), nitric acid (HNO3)-K, and hydrochloric acid (HCl)-K under different systems were followed the order: irrigated low input > rainfed low input > irrigated high input > no input. The pearl millet systems in irrigated low input practice maintained a higher NH4OAc-K than irrigated high input practice. The exchangeable-K (Exch-K), non-exchangeable-K (Non-exch K) and lattice-K were observed highest in irrigated low input system and lowest in no input system. It is noticed that Exch-K contributed 2.3-2.6% over total-K, which readily available to plants. The Exch-K was highly significant correlated with K pools and soil properties, indicating that rapid establishment of equilibrium between the pools. Thus, knowing K reserve and distribution of K forms can help in understanding K replenishment capacity of arid soil under long-term intensive cultivation.

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