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Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization on Mineral and Amino Acid Content of Colored Flesh Potato Cultivar Blue Congo
Bogucka, B., and T. Elżbieta
Published in:
Journal of Plant Nutrition 41(7):856-866 (2018), English


The purpose of this study was to determine optimum rates of soil dressing with nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) fertilization in the cultivation of potato with purple-blue peel and flesh, affecting the qualitative composition of tubers of a less known potato cultivar called Blue Congo.

The experimental results proved that the optimum rates of fertilizers applied to soil for the cultivar Blue Congo are 80 kg N ha−1 and 150 kg K ha−1. Application of 120 kg N ha−1 caused a decrease in the content of all macro- and micro-nutrients. In contrast, the content of all macronutrients was observed to increase up to the rate of 150 kg K ha−1.

Micronutrients responded to the increase in the K rate in different ways. No effect of the differentiated rates of K was noted in the case of iron. Vitamin C responded by its lower content to the increased rates of both N and K. It was determined that isoleucine was the limiting amino acid for the cv. Blue Congo potato. The highest level of isoleucine was found at the N rate of 80 kg ha−1.

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