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Silver Vase Bromeliad: Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition under Macronutrients Omission
Young, J.L.M., S. Kanashiro, T. Jocys, A.R. Tavares
Published in:
Scientia Horticulturae 234:318-322 (2018), English


The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S deficiencies on the growth, mineral contents of silver vase bromeliad [Aechmea fasciata (Lindley) Baker], a species native to Brazil. Plants were maintained on modified Hoagland & Arnon nutrient solution with omission of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S) or complete solution (CS) totalizing seven treatments. Leaf nutrient contents of the treatments were analyzed to confirm the deficiencies. The first leaf deficiency symptoms appeared in cultivated plants from which nitrogen (N) was omitted. In fact, nitrogen was found to be the growth-limiting nutrient of silver vase bromeliad. Phosphorus-deficient plants had reddish leaves and showed necrosis in young leaves. K, Ca, Mg and S deficiency can only be determined by foliar analysis. The limiting nutrients to silver vase bromeliad growth were N > P = K > Ca = Mg > S in ascending order.

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