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IPI activity in India
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Coordination: India

The main aim of IPI activity in India is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. This mission is carried out via research and extension activities: field experiments, demonstration plots, farmers meetings, dealers training programs, field days, workshops and conferences, publications and awards and assistance for researchers.

Mr. Eldad Sokolowski

Mr. Eldad Sokolowski

IPI Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa and India and China.


Regional Events & Clipboard

  • Biocontrol Asia 2015 Conference
    17-18 Mar 2015
  • The 13th New...
    18-20 Mar 2015



Around the world, IPI works with numerous in-country partners. These include researchers, extension services, advisers, cooperatives, associations and farmers.


New Publications

  • Assessment of the Impact of Targeted Use...
  • Potassium and Crop Quality (Hindi...


Articles from the Region
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  • The Beneficial Effects of...
  • Effect of Graded Doses of Potassium on...


Papers & Presentations

  • Effect of Graded Doses of Potassium on...
  • The Beneficial Effects of...


Scientific abstracts

  • Nutrient Use Pattern in Rice under...
  • Growth Rates for Potato in India and...


IPI in pictures

  • Review and Refinement of Fertilizer...
  • The Effect of Potassium on the Yield...


Refinement of K Recommendations in Vertisols

- Papers and Presentations
- IPI photo set: Review and Refinement of Fertilizer K ...


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New publication

What's new in the region...

  • Paper: Effect of Graded Doses of Potassium on Yield, Profitability and Nutrient Content of Vegetable Crops in the Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh, India more >
  • Paper: The Beneficial Effects of Applying Potassium Alone or with Phosphorus During Nursery Management in Enhancing the Survival and Yield of the Rice Variety Swarna-Sub1 in a Flood-Prone Ecosystem more >
  • K in the Literature: Potassium Nutrition and Management in Indian Agriculture Issues and Strategies more >
  • Event: Biocontrol Asia 2015 Conference (Mar 2015) more >
  • Event: The 13th New Ag International Conference and Exhibition (Mar 2015) more >