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IPI activity in India
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Coordination: India

The main aim of IPI activity in India is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. This mission is carried out via research and extension activities: field experiments, demonstration plots, farmers meetings, dealers training programs, field days, workshops and conferences, publications and awards and assistance for researchers.


Around the world, IPI works with numerous in-country partners. These include researchers, extension services, advisers, cooperatives, associations and farmers.


New Publications

  • पोटाशियम: जीवन के लिए एक आवश्यक...
  • पोषण और आरोग्य-पोटाशियम...


Articles from the Region
Published in e-ifc

  • Enhanced Potassium Application Improves...
  • Managing Nitrate Accumulation in Forage...


Papers & Presentations

  • Enhanced Potassium Application Improves...
  • ...


Scientific abstracts

  • Nutrient Use Pattern in Rice under...
  • Growth Rates for Potato in India and...


IPI in pictures

  • Review and Refinement of Fertilizer...
  • The Effect of Potassium on the Yield...


Refinement of K Recommendations in Vertisols

- Papers and Presentations
- IPI photo set: Review and Refinement of Fertilizer K ...


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Chloride - an essential nutrient

New publication

What's new in the region...

  • Paper: Enhanced Potassium Application Improves Yield and Profitability of Various Vegetable Crops in Jharkhand, India more >
  • Publication: पोटाशियम: जीवन के लिए एक आवश्यक पोषक तत्व
    Potassium - a Nutrient Essential for Life more >
  • Publication: पोषण और आरोग्य-पोटाशियम का महत्व
    Nutrition and Health - the Importance of Potassium more >
  • Publication: पोटाशियम - फसल उत्पादन में गुणवर्धक पोषक तत्व
    Potassium - the Quality Element in Crop Production more >
  • Paper: 施用钾肥调节硝酸盐在饲料高粱中的累积 more >