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IPI activity in India
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Coordination: India

The main aim of IPI activity in India is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. This mission is carried out via research and extension activities: field experiments, demonstration plots, farmers meetings, dealers training programs, field days, workshops and conferences, publications and awards and assistance for researchers.


Around the world, IPI works with numerous in-country partners. These include researchers, extension services, advisers, cooperatives, associations and farmers.


New Publications

  • पोटाशियम: जी...
  • पोषण और आरोग्...


Articles from the Region
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  • Effects of Polyhalite as a Fertilizer on...
  • Enhanced Potassium Application Improves...


Papers & Presentations

  • Effects of Polyhalite as a Fertilizer on...
  • Potassium in Balanced Fertilisation in...


Scientific abstracts

  • Nutrient Use Pattern in Rice under...
  • Growth Rates for Potato in India and...


IPI in pictures

  • Review and Refinement of Fertilizer...
  • The Effect of Potassium on the Yield...


Refinement of K Recommendations in Vertisols

- Papers and Presentations
- IPI photo set: Review and Refinement of Fertilizer K ...


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New publication

What's new in the region...

  • Paper: 印度贾坎德邦省在多种蔬菜作物上增强钾肥施用以提高产量和经济效益 more >
  • K in the Literature: Crops Response to Applied Potassium in Vertisols Long-Term Fertilizer Experiment in India more >
  • Paper: Effects of Polyhalite as a Fertilizer on Yield and Quality of the Oilseed Crops Mustard and Sesame more >
  • Paper: Potassium in Balanced Fertilisation in Rajasthan - resume of FAI-IPI Roundtable more >
  • Paper: Enhanced Potassium Application Improves Yield and Profitability of Various Vegetable Crops in Jharkhand, India more >