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IPI activity in China
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Coordination: China

The main aim of IPI activity in China is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. To this end, IPI conducts research and extension activities designed to develop and transfer knowledge on the role of potassium in optimized crop nutrition, in order to ensure sustainable crop production through the efficient use of fertilizers.

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What's new in the region...

  • Publication: e-ifc 36: International Fertilizer Correspondent (Chinese edition) more >
  • Regional Project: K Strategy to Increase Crop Yield, Quality and Soil K Fertility with Return of the Straw in Different Region of China more >
  • Regional Project: Biological Approaches to Improving Potassium Uptake and use Efficiency in Rice Crop more >
  • K in the Literature: Managing Agricultural Nutrients for Food Security in China: Past, Present, and Future more >
  • K in the Literature: Application of Kinetic Models in Describing Soil Potassium Release Characteristics and their Correlations with Potassium Extracted by Chemical Methods more >